Calc Zero: Cooking


Designed for iPhone
We love the iPhone, and we want Calc Zero Cooking to feel like it belongs on your phone. Familiar iPhone user interface elements provide easy access to many useful functions, while avoiding "button overload."

Handy Unit Converter
With Calc Zero Cooking, you can speedily convert and perform math operations on numerous Cooking units. Hundreds more are available in Calc Zero.

Full-featured Calculator
We didn't skimp on Calc Zero's basic calculator functionality. 

Enter and display fractions with ease in Calc Zero Lite. For example, to enter one-and-a-half, press 1 [point] 1 [slash] 2. Touch the Frac/Dec button to toggle the display between decimal and fraction,

If you like Calc Zero Lite...
Check out its big brother, Calc Zero!

Equals Key is Optional
Calc Zero optionally supports RPN for those who prefer it.

Innovative User Interface
Custom pop-up key labels give you the confidence to enter numbers and operators quickly and accurately. Swipe gestures provide easy access to parentheses and other useful functions.

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